Thursday, February 26, 2015

Equipping Ukraine for War on a Budget

I have now read numerous articles by BBC, AP and others talking about how light armored vehicles are in short supply in the Ukraine.

The US Department of Homeland Security has been selling surplus armored vehicles, combat uniforms, flak jackets to local US police departments that frankly have little need for them. How about we donate this equipment to the Ukrainian army instead. Yes, it will cost some money but the amounts are chump change compared to normal DOD procurement costs run.  Even several dozen vehicles would help and I suspect hundreds of vehicles are available.  Let's face it, unless US police departments are at war with the American public, most departments will never need armored cars or military Hummers.

Training: We are already doing this, but we can certainly expand the program. We should be training the Ukrainian military. The Ukraine seems to be relying on battalions of volunteers with only a little training to do the bulk of their fighting. Let us, and our NATO allies, train: First, the regular Ukrainian army in advanced combat techniques and Second, if needs be train these volunteer units before sending them into battle.

Weapons: One source of good serviceable weapons are civilian assault rifles and 12 ga. riot guns tat are turned in or confiscated by US police departments every year. Most of these weapons get destroyed. Why not turn them over to the Dept. of Defense for donation to the Ukraine? We did something very similar during World War II when we donated civilian rifle and submachine guns to Britain after Dunkirk when it looked like a German invasion was imminent.  Again the cost to the American tax payer would be minimal.

Of course the biggest need is for expensive high tech weapons and heavy weapons, but every little bit helps and it shows Russia we are serious.

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