Saturday, May 11, 2013

Mexico, Gangs and the Failed State

You need to watch this video report:

Citizens Fighting Crime in Mexico

The report, by Deutche Welle, shows what happens when the government and the police fail to control criminal gangs.  The people arm themselves any way they can and fight back.  I have often thought that the main reason Mexican gang violence has not spilled across the border is they know Americans are armed to the teeth and will fight back if pushed.

I suspect that the violence will spill over once Mexico completely collapses.  Its due. Think civil war.

Of course, the anti-gun crowd would disarm law abiding citizens in America and probably Mexico too, first.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Violent Gun Crime at Lowest Since 1993, So What is the Panic?

Even though I posted this to Facebook and Twitter I thought I better post this somewhere more permanent.

Here is the Reality Check:

Gun Violence Down 49% Since 1993 Peak Despite Public Perception Of High Crime

See the anti-gun crowd wants you to think that it is all about evil guns. The reality is that the aging of the Baby Boomer generation has probably done more to reduce violent crime than all the gun laws.  They want you to think it is all about guns, while they ignore the almost total collapse of institutional mental health care in the U.S. (Because they do not want to have to pay for it, IMHO.) Nor do they want to address the pernicious role of the news media in encouraging and facilitating the media notoriety that these mass killers crave, and which inspires new sick copy-cat killers.  (They argue that freedom of the Press is protected by the First Amendment, well my guns are protected by the Second Amendment, so why should their Amendment be any more sacred than mine?)

So if gun violence is at a low point, why all the panic? Is it political slight of hand, so that you do not notice that the politicians have done nothing about the too-big-to-fail-banks, wars, out of control spending, massive power grab against our civil liberties, crumbling infrastructure and lack of leadership?

You want to know why the anti-gun movement has no wind in its sails?  Its not the "evil" NRA, its that most Americans have a good sense that things are not nearly as violent as the liberals seem to want them to believe.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Gun used to defend against intruders.

Share : ‘Soft-Spoken’ Man Saves the Day After 2 Allegedly Break In: ‘I Had My Gun in My Hand in 5 Seconds’ - Yahoo! News

Easier Blogging with Android vs. iOS

The time has come for me to start posting news to a blog on a fairly regular basis.  This means I have to make it as easy as possible.

For some time, tablets have taken over my daily routine from my laptop, so any blog posting is going to have to be from some sort of tablet. What I mainly want to do is micro-blog, similar to what I do on Twitter: post a title and a link to an article I think my readers will find interesting, plus a couple of sentences saying what I found interesting.

Using the Tablet:

My main tablet is a 10 inch iPad 3. I scan lots of news on many topics on it.  But when it comes to posting an article I found, iOS will give me a few options, generally: Share to Facebook, Twitter, email, and sometimes services like Evernote and Pocket.  iOS does not give you the option of sharing with any of your blogging apps, either from Blogger or WordPress.

And that is a problem.  It turns what should be a fast action into a chore.

Of course, I could still post via email, but that limits my options for assigning categories to a post or delaying publication.  I've never really liked post by email.

Enter Android for the Save Share:

Android works totally differently.  Every time you add a new app that can be "Shared" to that app becomes available as a share menu option.  It can make for a long list, but if I want to share an article on my browser I click Share >> More and I get a huge list of apps. If I choose WordPress app then the title and link of the article are sent to my WordPress app which opens and is ready for me to edit and post.  Easy.

This is where the more free for all world of Android shines compared to iOS.

There are two downsides to Android on tablets however:

1. There still are not as many good news apps for Android Tablets as there are for iPads.  This makes it a bit harder to find news in the first place. Android may be the most popular operating system for smartphones, but the iPad still has Android beat in popularity in the tablet market.

2. Hardware: few Android tablets can match iPad for speed and smoothness.  They are out there but you have to hunt.

If you are not a blogger, none of this will effect you, if you are a blogger it might effect you depending on you work flow.  All I know is I hate finding an article on my iPad and having to either copy past titles and URL's to post it, or switch to an Androd tablet to post.