Thursday, May 10, 2012

New Life for My Old iPhone 3Gs

As some may know I my current phone is an HP Pre 3 running webOS.  While I like the phone it lacks one critical app: Amazon Kindle. My HP Touchpad has a Kindle app that works fine, but Kindle was never made for the Pre 3.

My problem was I often like to read a few chapters in bed before retiring and to do this I need a backlit screen and I like something small and light weight that I can hold in one hand and a tablet is just too large.  I suppose this is a leftover from bedtime reading back in the Palm PDA days.

Fortunately I remembered my old iPhone 3Gs which was sitting around in a drawer for almost a year.  I charged the battery, updated the version of iOS, updated all the apps and I have a perfectly functioning WiFi only PDA.

In some ways the lower resolution screen of the 3Gs works better than the high res screen of my Pre 3, because the higher resolution means tiny type which is hard to read on a small screen.  But the 3Gs screen is perfect for reading.

Still I would prefer to have a Kindle app on my Pre 3, but at least I have a work around and it cost me nothing to have the old 3Gs charging on the nightstand. Win.

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  1. how are you liking the hp pre3? I have one and don't plan to switch to ios or andriod