Wednesday, November 2, 2011

eMail on Android: Use the App Stupid

Duh. Well it takes me awhile to figure these things out. The native email handling within the Android OS pretty much sucks for web based email accounts like Yahoo and Gmail.

If you use those web mail accounts then use the apps from Market Place instead.  With the apps you get a cleaner interface, and most important PUSH email.  On the Yahoo mail app you get to see thumbnail photo attachments as part of the email without having to touch a lot of extra buttons.  I'm already liking the apps a lot better.

If you are coming from an iPhone using the apps might seem counter-intuitive but Apple really put some effort into email on the iPhone to make it simple and easy to use. While email works in Android it is nowhere near as good as iOS.  So in Android use the apps.

Note 1: Hotmail also has an app. I didn't test it.

Note 2: I recommend using the official email apps for each service provider. There are many third party apps but I worry about privacy and security issues with those.

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