Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Windows Mango vs iPhone 4S vs iOS

So this summer I switched smartphones from an iPhone 3Gs to an HTC Evo 3D (Android phone) on Sprint.  All said, I'm pretty happy with Sprint.

However, while I don't hate it, I find myself less than thrilled with Android. It does everything, but it's human usability is pretty bad compared to iOS. Enough so that, most of the time I find myself mildly annoyed with Android.

Since then Microsoft has released the 'Mango' update to Windows phone operating system.  (I hear that it might be the most like WebOS of the current crop of phone OS's.) And now the announcement that Sprint will get the iPhone 4S.

So this puts me in a quandary, do I stay with Android, try Windows Mango or go with the sure thing of the iPhone?


ADDED: I can see why iPhone users get accused of being data hogs. When I had my iPhone I really used it to do all sorts of things. I don't use my Android phone as much, because it's just not as usable. It's hard to describe but simple tasks such as typing out a quick reminder note or putting in a calendar appointment are just a bit easier, faster, less annoying with the iPhone.

I suppose, I would be happy as a clam with with Android if I had never had an iPhone.

Smart money would say, if you are going to switch, then switch to a new iPhone 4S, which is a world phone and should be usable on either Sprint or ATT networks.  But I'm still considering the Windows phone, although I might have to wait until new Win. handsets are released.


  1. Give Mango and WP7 a shot. I changed from iPhone 4 to WP when there was the NoDo os and like it a ton.

    With WP7.5 and Mango, it is even better. The way the everything is integrated into the phone and you dont have to jump in and out of apps to get things done is not a huge time saver.

    I still use my iPad and find myself getting frustrated that it doesn't function like my Samsung Focus WP7.5.

  2. Thanks for the feedback INTEGRATE. It's good to hear from someone that actually used one. A Win 7 phone is definitely in consideration. That is part of what I promised myself I would do during this 2 year contract with Sprint is try some new phones.