Friday, October 28, 2011

Reunited: HP Touchpad and Me

I scored a 32GB HP Touchpad on a 'daily deal' type site for $240!  The tablet has arrived and I've set it up as a 'guest tablet' in the living room for visitors to use.  My previous 7 weeks experience with a Touchpad told me a couple of things: 1. the webOS operating system of the Touchpad is very good and it can run Flash and HTML 5 plus true multitask,  2. surfing the Web was in some ways a better experience than on an iPad (I had both), 3. the virtual keyboard on the TP puts the virtual keyboards on both the iPad and Samsung GalaxyTab to shame.

For those of you that don't know: I bought a 16GB Touchpad for $500 when they came out. Loved it. Then HP (the gutless wonders) pulled the plug on the Touchpad and webOS after only 6 weeks. Not wanting to get stuck with a $500 albatross I took the opportunity to exchange my Touchpad for a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10 running Android Honeycomb. The GalazyTab was nice and light weight, but very annoying to use compared to the iPad and the Touchpad.  Then the screen went out on the GalaxyTab after only 16 days. Best Buy let me exchange the defective Samsung Galaxy Tab outside of their 15 day return limit. Darn nice of them!  I exchanged for a Apple iPad2, which is a nice bit of kit.

Sometime during this whole adventure HP started selling off the remaining Touchpads at fire sale prices ($99 for a 16GB) unfortunately I dithered too long and missed out on the super low pricing.  But I missed that Touchpad and webOS so when a decent deal came along I grabbed one.

That leaves me with 3 tablets: an iPad1 3G which is my take to meetings tablet; my iPad2 Wifi which stays around the house and is my book reader; my Touchpad which is for house guests to use and which I will also pack with photos.

PS: If you are looking for a good deal on a really good full featured tablet you should check out the Touchpad. As of this writing you can find them on Amazon for about $230 which is less than half what they cost new and  a good deal IMO.


  1. When I'm back doing contract training work in January, I'm going to get an iPad to travel with. My iBook plus my employer laptop was just too dang heavy. How much does the contract cost for the 3G?

  2. Paul: I have an ATT 3G iPad I bought from Apple. Service is about $30 month to month, no contract. I'm not sure if the Verizon one works the same way or if they require a contract. Do your due diligence. I know ATT raised their rates and I think they went 2 tier. You can sign up right from the iPad.

    Also, I call your attention to this if you will be traveling with the iPad:

  3. Thanks for the info! FYI, I'm Guy Incognito.