Saturday, October 29, 2011

HP and a Windows 8 Tablet

News is out that HP will come out with a Windows 8 Touchpad in 2012. The problem with the Touchpad was one of releasing webOS a little bit too early, before it was ready, and the design of the tablet hardware which was too thick and too heavy. Probably also the price.

Build quality was good.  The OS was good but a little rough.

HP's big failure with the Touchpad was not putting enough resources behind it to get it out to the consumer 6 months earlier, when it would compete against the iPad1 and not against the iPad2. HP's second mistake was to lose courage and flee the market before the game even really started. No guts, no glory.  Or to heed the lesson Hannibal learned: If you and your army starts out to take Rome, then take Rome!

If HP wants to pump out a Windows 8 tablet they need to price it lower and make it thinner and lighter.

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