Friday, September 30, 2011

How Long Till China Buys Us?

I heard this on a business show on NPR: "How long will it be before China quits loaning us money and starts buying up American companies?  We are not quite there yet, but soon."

It's going to start happening.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Where to go from Facebook?

A lot of my friends on Facebook are upset by the changes in the timeline feed.  I have to say I find the changes annoying too.

So if Facebook annoys you enough where do you go: Google+, Twitter or Plurk? There is no guarantee that those social networks will not annoy you with changes in the future either.

1.) What I propose is that you start your own blog. Like this one. And post to it just like you post to Facebook.  There is no rule that you cannot micro-blog (which is all FB and Twitter are.)  

2.) After you made a new post, use those little social network buttons you see below and post a link to your new blog post to Facebook, Twitter or any other social network you are on.

Done. Your friends, even those that are not on Facebook have access to your posts, your Facebook friends will find you and it is a bit like leaving Facebook without really leaving.  Let friends comment either on FB or on your blog, because the real point is to be engaged.  Encourage your friends to do the same.  On Blogger/Blogspot you can follow your friends new blog posts right from your control panel.  I suspect you can do the same from Wordpress.  Yes it is a little more cumbersome but it works.  Better yet, try Google Reader, you can read all the blogs you want.

My point is, not to abandon Facebook or Google+ or the other social networks, just change the way you use them. Take back some control.